Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992

Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984 -1992 DVD cover


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Palm Springs, CA

demo mit Audre, Berlin
Audre Lorde was always active…marching in a Berlin demonstration,
with a friend (left) Rakibe Tolgay
reelsisters Reelout

“My mother’s time in Berlin was very important to her, and I’m so glad that Dr. Dagmar Schultz and her team have created Audre Lorde: the Berlin Years  to serve as not only a living record of that time, but also an inspiration. The film inspires me—as a cancer survivor, as an African-American woman of mixed race, and as a physician—not to be satisfied with what is, but to continue to work in service of my vision.” ~ Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins

Since Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 had its world premier at the Berlinale on 2012 the film has been shown by the Fall of 2014 at 62 film festivals worldwide and at way over 130 other venues, including events and conferences in e.g. Mexico, Cuba,  Ghana, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. *** NEW JOURNAL PAGE *** An ongoing account of the film's travels!

“Dear Dagmar,
I wanted to tell you that the special features of your film about Audre Lorde moved me a lot. One understands her position toward her poetic work and above all the perspective which she has gained after all those years. It truly is a gift to listen to her talking about it. Therefore I find this extra material of your film very important!” ~ Karen Michelsen, filmmaker

Presente en La Habana, Cuba
The screening of AUDRE LORDE - THE BERLIN YEARS in Havanna on December 21 was a full success. There were about 50 persons present. The room is dedicated to the ballet dancer Alicia Alonso and is decorated with beautiful drawings and paintings of her. We gave a short introduction to the time period and the content. People watched the film very attentively and with great interest. The comments and the discussion after the screening showed that the viewers were very moved and also very grateful that we presented the film. ~ Warm greetings: Sandra & Esmeralda More comments…

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